Weeks 5-6-7, not in heaven

Posted on: 05 Mar 2018

And there I fell behind with the blogs. And as always, it’s because I’ve been struggling a bit with the running.

Week 5 I had a plan do get all 3 runs in, but that didn’t happen. It was a decision I made, and I think it was the right one. On Tuesday it was hubbys birthday so decided to do my run on the treadmill at work instead of going out when I got home. So 4,2 km done in 30 mins and then I bought a cake and had a nice evening.

Wednesday was rest day and I could feel my hip niggle and disturb me, so instead of speed session on Thursday I substituted it for circuit training. It was a tough session but I can feel how good it is for me. I need to be stronger if I want to keep running like this.

This week I also spent a lot of time watching the Olympics, I love all sports when it’s the Olympics so it’s like a 3 week Christmas for me haha. I also had an extra day at work, on Saturday, we have so much to do and I need some extra money since I apparently am very spontaneous when it comes to traveling. =D

But on Sunday it was long run day again, and after 2 weeks of long runs around 13 km/1 hour 45 mins, I decided to make it longer again aiming for 10 miles/16 km. It was another cold Sunday, I tried to get out early to avoid the snow but it was windy and snowing all day so just had to get it done. I misjudged the wind chill so I didn’t dress right and it felt like I never got warm. And my right hip in particular never got warm, it only felt more and more stiff. =/ so not the best feeling, not during and not after and I decided to make a visit to my physio for a little treatment. I did do my 10 miles though, it was the best way to get home fast, run the route I had planned. And just over 2 hours so I’m still bang on target for my long runs. Very mixed roads, some very snowy and icy as you can see below, and some nice clear tarmac. 

Week 6 started with 2 rest days before my massage appointment. I try to do lunch walks every day to keep moving, I guess that is something.

I got a time on Wednesday and she tried to loosen the muscles around the hip, to make it better and reminded me to keep stretching. She was a little amused when I told her I massage myself with a tennis ball, she had never heard about that before.  And she didn’t tell me not to do it, so I guess it’s sort of physio recommended now. =D

Thursday I went to another circuit training, only 7 of us that week compared to about 15-20 other weeks, so got a lot of help and tips from the instructor. Very nice. After that I had dinner with my parents who were visiting. Because of that I rested both Friday and Saturday. We got some snow so on Sunday I decided to go skiing instead of long run. Haven’t done cross country skiing for 2 years, since we don’t always get that much snow in this part of the country.

I had a good hour out there, managed to not fall this time (had a brutal fall 2015 when training for Brighton, don’t want to do that again), and good training for the entire body. A bit of jelly arms after, but I didn’t expect anything else. =)

Week 7 and still not happy with how the hip felt, but had to get some good training done. On Tuesday I stayed at the gym at work in the evening, we got that beast from the east cold here as well, and training outside in -11 with wind chill of -20 was not something that attracted me. I had a good 30 mins session on the cross trainer, it was tougher than I remembered so good I guess. Then I went on to the rowing machine and did 2000 m, in just over 10 mins, and the jelly arms came back. =) Finished with some focus on inside and outside hip in a machine, and managed to stay away from the treadmill for once. A good hour invested there.

Still arctic cold outside so back at circuit training on Thursday, this week’s surprise was double burpees. I hate burpees. Well, does anyone like them? I still feel that I get stronger every week, so this do something good for me.

I had a very short jog on Saturday, to see how the hip felt after almost 2 weeks of no running, and to get back outside since the temperature finally showed warmer degrees. +1 is not that warm but better than -11. =) Stretched out every part of my legs after and massaged a little with the tennis ball so loosen up a little, and the hip felt good so decided to go for a more proper run on Sunday.

Because of hangover I was not in the mood for running on Sunday but fresh air is good for you so I managed to drag myself out. No snowing this Sunday, and no wind, so it was better than expected. Had to change my route a little because of icy paths but managed 9 km in 1 hour 8 mins. Still bang on target with 8 km in around 1 hour, perfect marathon pace if only I can manage longer distances from now on.

So that was the last 3 weeks from the frozen north. We haven't been able to have our parkrun for 4 weeks now because of the icy paths, and it affects some of the paths closer to home aswell. Can't wait for spring and warmer weather so I can get back on my favourite paths again. 

This coming weekend might mean the first race of the season, or if it's cancelled due to ice I will work on Saturday. The two most different things I think, the thing I love and the thing I do much because I have to. =D  I do like my job, just not as much as running. I get no medals at work, haha. =) 

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