Posted on: 03 Apr 2018

Hi Buzzers, thank you, as ever, for the support and advice after my last blog. A week later and there has been progress. I went to the physio on Thursday, and again today (tuesday) but confusingly I got different advice and diagnosis each time. The man I saw today is a runner, and also the boss of the practice so I have to say I am more inclined to go with his diagnosis.

Today I have had a bit of acupuncture and electric shock treatment to 'loosen up the knee' and a good going over of my quad. He said he thinks it is a knee cap problem caused by a very tight quad and calf. Last week they said it was ITB. Anyway, whatever the cause, the problem I am dealing with right now is a painful knee and stiff quad and calf. He told me today that if I was Mo Farrah he would be telling me to ice it every hour, stretch my quads every hour too...

The progress in broad terms is this: Last Sunday I could hardly walk after my 10 mile training run. Each day last week there was a small improvement. I was at work on Tuesday and walking was ok but stairs were a challenge. By the end of the week I was stronger and stairs were the only problem. Today I can go up and down stairs with very little discomfort, no actual pain.

Now for the advice. Well he said it is ultimately up to me but he said he thinks if I can ice and stretch enough these next five days I could feel by Sunday able to go for Manchester. He thinks if that is the case I should just go for it, at target pace, try not to think about the knee unless it becomes painful during the race. And if it is painful in the first 10 miles then stop. He said I couldn't do any lasting damage if that happens. He said if it starts to hurt at 22 miles but I think I can get my PB then I should just keep going and then hope the two weeks is enough to recover in time for London.

Obviously the safe option would be to miss manchester and focus on London, which was the plan I was coming round to before I went to the physio today. So now I am a bit torn. I really don't know what is for the best.

What are my priorities? Is it the chase of the PB or the enjoyment of London? Is there any chance I could PB in London after resting through Manchester? Will I blow up in Manchester and end up failing in both? Will I be bugged by a sense of 'what if?' if I don't attempt Manchester?

I can't really answer any of those questions right now, so I'll just keep on icing and stretching... putting off the decision till as late as possible.


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