London GFA times are even more brutal!

Posted on: 16 Apr 2018


I ran Manchester in 2017 and achieved a GFA time for the London Marathon of sub 3:15 at age 40. This allowed me to enter the 41-45 category as I woudl be 41 on race day in 2018. As it happens I have had to withdraw this year and defer to 2019.

Looking ta the new GFA times I woudl not qualify for 2019 on my current time.

They have chnaged the following:

  • Age ranges have been moved back 1 year (I am now in the 40-44 category)
  • Your qualifying time must be secured within your age range (thus a time completed as a 39 year old does NOT qualify you if you turned 40 the next day).
  • The mens qualifying times have been massively changed. a 40-44 year old now needs to achieve a sub 3:05 finish.
  • Even if you achieve the time, if there are 3000 faster GFA runners who apply then you will NOT qualify. This is similar to the Boston Marathon process. Thus they now advise that even if you have a GFA you should enter the ballot as well.

The organisers of the London Marathon have just made it much more difficult to qualify even with a GFA time so I am so thankful that I can still run next year but this really puts the pressure on as I have twice run sub 3:15 marathon times (once as a sub 3:10) but I have never managed a sub 3:05.....

Think this will really ruffle a few feathers.

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