Easy tiger..

Posted on: 08 Jun 2018

The past week or so has been interesting..

As a female of the species and naturally one who wants things NOW, I have been struggling a bit with my running progression.  Why can't I crack 10k without stopping? Why can't I crack a sub 10 minute mile. What the effy is going on?

Pair this with the Anxiety and my head has been like a sugar factory full of over excited howler monkeys who have overdone the skittles. Insecurities aplenty.

I have been expecting my body to progress from 10k run, walk, run to 13.2 mile run, run, run in just 8 weeks.  For someone who only donned her Brooks 2 months ago I fear I may have been a tad presumptious.

I experienced a moment of madness last year.  I had been seeing Mr Fit (Ex) for some time and being a dippy moo enveloped in a web of hormonal and emotional imbalance decided to chase said beau through the fields of love by taking on a half marathon. 

Madness you say? Well I laugh in the face of madness.  I'll make it two half marathons to prove my growing affection for Mr Short Shorts..

Certifiable. Definitely.  You'll hear no arguement from me.

Said beau turned out to be a lying. cheating, aged tom cat for whom castration would be way too good a punishment.  So after a few months of wailing at the moon, profanity issues and crying into my fruity cider I pulled up my socks and in a defiant rant of female "Eff you" attitude started training. 

What started out as a woman on fire, powered by swear words and visions of sassy Fabletics glory at the finish line, ended up an angry fog of crap runs, poor nutrition and binge buying in SportsPursuit.

I was getting faster yes, but boy was I making lots of stops... and for any excuse as well.  "Oh, there's a car reversing I'll stop and wait for it, Oh there's a man with a dog, I'll wait 'til he passes me, Oh there's a lazy cow reflected in the shop window not running and procrastinating"..

Had I run out of enthusiasm already?  Has the love affair with tarmac waned?  I stopped running for a few days.  This has to be fixed.

I did however go back to gym and tried, Spin (Godawful), Ropics (Godawful but with giddiness) Body Combat (Godawful bad kicks and punches into thin air, I'm an ex Kravist I know how to punch missy and that is NOT the correct way) and Pilates.  What happened?  

Wednesday night however I completed 8.0KM without stopping once.  No my feet didn't sprout wings ....

Yes, a long way to go and I still might cry the latter half of the race but Happy me!

Running fatigue.  Not just in the muscles but in the mind. I learned the hard way that a break in running needn't be a break in training.  Stair climbing will improve your staying power just as well.

Brain Fatigue.  The Anxiety Chimp was suitable sedated for once.  Long may it last!  A very wise lady mentioned to let my heart rule when I'm running.  Remember why I here in the first place (Aging Tom Cat now consigned to the memory under "Lack of Judgement") and that was to acheive something brilliant in my life.

So fellow beginners, a change can really be as good as a rest.  We really do expect way too much of ourselves.  We are not going to turn into Paula Radcliffe overnight.  Possibly not ever if we don't leave the fruit cider alone, however we will become much better if we switch gears every now and then.  Pilates, Stair Climbing, Yoga, Swimming, Weight Training, Kettlebells etc., alternate the training.  You are still getting your cardio vascular but you're giving the knees a calves a well earned break and reminding those glutes, abs and lats that they need to play a part too!

Be safe one and all.



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