Long Time No See...

Posted on: 09 Sep 2018

Hello all you wonderful buzzers, I can't believe it is five months since my last blog on here! 

But then again, I can, because April of this year is not a month I will forget in a hurry; it was due to be a fantastic month for running, I was going to run the Manchester marathon again, and I was aiming at my new PB target of a sub 3.30, and for much of the spring it felt like this was becoming a posibility, not just a dream. I was also lucky enough to secure a place in the London marathon two weeks later, this would be my second London (the first being my first ever marathon) and I was going to blooming well enjoy it!

Then towards the end of March my knee started playing up, it was beginning to get painful during long runs, and then I found it was getting painful even on short walks. I had some physio and a lot of different opinions. I cut down on my training, I crossed my fingers a lot.

A few days before Manchester I was still not sure what to do, I had half decided to give up Manchester, and my PB, and just run London for the experience. But the day before Manchester I thought I'd do one last test. I hadn't run at all for a week or two, I went on a treadmill and thought I would just walk and build up the pace slowly to see how close I could get to marathon pace. Well that was a disaster, after about a minute of running I was in so much agony that Jenny took me straight to A&E, something had dramatically changed, something had snapped.

But Xrays showed nothing, the doctors could not explain it. There was nothing broken.

A couple of weeks of agony later and I was lucky enough to see a knee surgeon who happens to be married to a good friend of Jenny's. He organised for an MRI scan and sure enough, it revealed a stress fracture in my Femur, just where it meets my knee. So I'd been thinking about running a marathon on a broken leg, that's the sort of thing Hollywood might do but beyond my abilities!!

Since then I have had four, nearly five months of frustration. I have done almost no running, I was told originally not to run for 3 months and I did what I was told (although I did climb snowdon one weekend which my doctor was not impressed with) but when I tried to have a run after just under 4 months, it was like my whole leg had seized up, I had pains in both legs in fact, It was like my legs had forgotten how to run at all. My feel hurt, my right leg refused to land on my front foot, as if it was hard wired to protect my knee, so my legs weren't even doing the same thing. In short, it was a mess.

On holiday in Crete it was warm enough for my legs to loosen up a bit and I went for a 5 mile run with Jenny, not a great idea but it was only supposed to be about 3 miles! I also did a 25 minute parkrun on my return to England but it really didn't feel right.

I have had no physiotherapy so far, in fact I have not had any follow up from the hospital since my scan but I have now decided enough is enough; I've been to see my doctor and I now have an appointment for knee physio at the hospital hopefully including another scan to see what the situation is.

As I intend to be involved in the great Oggie Run for Marika next weekend, whatever condition I'm in, I went on the treadmill at my gym on Friday and managed a mile with no bad pain, just stiffness. I'll take that.

I have had to drop out of three marathons, racing a train and an Ultra since April. I am now setting my sights on London 2019 as I have my place deferred till then. If I can get somewhere near able to train properly by Christmas, then the game is afoot!

The comeback starts here!

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