Mixing it up wth the kids

Posted on: 19 Oct 2018

This week has been varied again. I went to running club on Monday with my daughter and we did some intervals between lampposts, then Tuesday I had a riding lesson, Wednesday was  a different running group with my son and we did intervals again. Then Thursday I went swimming with my son and also went out on my bike to practice a bit more with my new cleats. Then this morning was swimming training and tonight I will probably go climbing.  My daughter has been keen on sea swimming and we have been trying go to each Saturday , so far I think we have done 6 weeks, so this Saturday will be swimming in the sea.

It is really lovely to be able to do exercise with my kids and they keep it fun.

I have entered a 10K race at the start of January and that is my main aim now for running as I am still slowly getting back at it after my ankle injury.


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