Keeping at it

Posted on: 05 Nov 2018

Last weekend I ran at Park Run, a steady run chatting to friends. I did have to walk twice, but only very short amounts up a hill . This is the first time I have tried 5K since I injured my ankle and it felt fine afterwards.

My daughter and I are still sea swimming although the water is now feeling pretty cold. I have now also pretty much mastered cleats on my road bike. This is something I have been putting off for a long time, but it has actually been easier to get to grips with than I anticipated.

So last week did  Park Run Saturday and had a dip in the sea with my daughter, cycled with a friend on Sunday. I ran at running club on Monday,  Wednesday a run with the dog, Thursday cycled and then swam on Friday morning. This Saturday the running club my son and I go to on a Wednesday evening had an organised 5K run at the same place my daughter and I swim at, so on Saturday I had a quick sea swim with my daughter  followed by a 5K run with my son ( which was 2 minutes quicker than the week befores 5K). Then Sunday was swimming session in the pool and then a dog walk.

My ankle is feeling the effect of the running and I also have a sore back which I guess is to do with the aching and stiff  ankle. I have decided on no running tonight and I will see how the back/ankle get on as the week progresses. The recovery is certainly slow.

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