Baby steps forward

Posted on: 24 Feb 2019

Firstly, thank you Buzzers for taking the time to read my posts and to giving me words of advice and encouragement - I really appreciate it and you’ll see that I’m listening to you too! 🤣

The plan that Simon recommended says no more than four runs a week. So, I walked/ran Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and am so happy than I’ve progressed to week 2 in week 1. I’m able to walk 2 mins, run 2 mins for 20 mins (on the treadmill). That’s a vast improvement on where I was two weeks ago.

On Wednesday I did a brisk walk and decided that on Saturday I would walk 5km, just to get the distance in my legs. I think it was the early hours of Friday morning, when I couldn’t sleep and was whiling away the dark hours on my iPad, I thought I’d find out if Abingdon have a parkrun. Well they do! Every Saturday. Given I wanted to walk 5km on Saturday I thought what better place to do it than there and I’d get a ‘proper’ time. So I registered, printed my tag, laminated it(!) and prepared for my first park ‘run’.

Saturday morning I was so nervous. I’m like that when I’m doing something I’ve not done before - silly, I know. I set off from home far too early but I just had to get there. I sat in the car for a while watching people arrive. Suddenly I was out of the car and walking into the field, again far too early. I sauntered up and down the river until a wave of people approached. I found a friendly couple who explained what happens, then I was called to the briefing for newbies and then the event briefing.

Suddenly everyone was off, some disappearing into the distance some within reach. I was at the back, but that was fine - I was walking. The back walker - a friendly lady - joined me and we talked. I had my mapmywalk on so I could keep track of my splits & wasn't happy when my first split was slower than I wanted. I explained this to her, set my sights on the group of three ahead of me and worked hard to catch them, which I did around the 2km mark. This meant that I said goodbye to the lady and was out on my own. Fortunately this doesn’t bother me. The course was over fields, tracks and a little bit of tarmac - very different from the treadmill! There were a couple of pinch points where I paused to let runners through. I remember seeing a 4km marker and wondering whether I’d get to see it again that morning, on the second lap, which I did. When I left the back walker there was a group of three ladies well ahead. I set my sights on catching them. As I closed a little they would jog on increasing the distance again. Then they would walk and I’d make ground. Then they would jog. It went on like this for about 2.5km but it kept me amused and gradually gradually I gained on them (probably because they got slower and slower) until with about 0.5km I passed them. I walked as fast as my little legs could carry me for that last 0.5km. I was determined not to jog, although I had been tempted a few times throughout the morning. I wanted to make sure I got to the end and put a time on the clock. I did. 49:05. I exceeded my expectations - I had hoped for 50 minutes. I’ll be back next week, but will jog some of the distance. Any guidance on how to approach that will be much appreciated. I hope to be able to walk 1 min & run 3 mins by next Saturday. Also, can anyone recommend an android app that you can use to set your own interval training? That would mean I could get off the treadmill and out onto the paths. Thank you Buzzers.

I have a long way to go before I can run 5km but baby steps forward will get me there eventually.

Go girl!

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