Training Idea Suggestion Taken On

Posted on: 18 May 2019

Friday 3rd May ā€“ Training Idea Suggestion Taken On

Bee sting again on my right ear this time and with lack of sleep being unable to lie on that side the show still goes on. I bought myself a beekeeper hat which works so no more encounters of the painful kind since being worn when working on the land.

Bee stings aside, I was given some training advice from two kind acquaintances online. They knew the issue I have with freestyle and also are aware of my comfort zone in breaststroke. Their suggestion was to alternate the strokes using breaststroke as a recovery. Iā€™m sure I was kind of doing this before as these were the only two strokes I use in the pool, but it has never been purposely focussed on the idea suggested.

It was a sunny warm day and I was looking forward to the walk to the pool in the radiant heat felt as I donned a pair of shorts instead of jeans. It is strange but I always feel a kind of liberation wearing scant clothing, and getting the chance to wear such fashion is in its prime during the long Bulgarian summer. The other benefits that come to mind is there is less work in the changing rooms with less clothing to change and hang up.

09:46 on the car park ticket machine and second person in the pool. This time it was a more relaxed feeling in my mind as I did the stretching exercises before entering the pool. I had lost count how many times I forget to do these.

Well here goes as four lengths of easy breaststroke takes off. Freestyle kicked in whenever I felt at ease aerobically and as the session moved on this became more frequent. Initially, it was only one length of freestyle and two of breaststroke. This was upped to two of each. Sometimes there was an issue of losing form in breaststroke and on one occasion I rolled over and recovered drifting on my back for a few moments.

This drill continued throughout the session and the next thing I knew was that I had been swimming nonstop for 55 minutes. I must have covered over 1 kilometre during that time and still had loads of energy left at the end of it.

The shower and getting changed back into my clothes was sweet with the thought of the success shown today taking the advice given by two kind and caring ladies. I guess it just takes someone to tell you rather than left to my own inept self-taught training.

I know look forward to the next training session with a sense of eagerness to build on what I did today.

Also, I was looking forward to no bee stings after arriving at my allotment after the swim. All good news!

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