New shoes

Posted on: 20 May 2019

It has been really busy few weeks, I am still working on my swimming, running and cycling. This weekend I bought myself a proper pair of Triathlon cycling shoes, I have been using MTB shoes all winter. The new shoes are taking a bit of getting used to. Clipping in is trickier and also walking around in them. I am not planning on attaching them to my bike in transition so I need to be able to walk/ run a little in them.

Cycling is the hardest thing for me, it takes up so much time and I am finding it hard to get quicker and also to get a chance to get the longer distances done. So far the longest I have done is 32 miles.

The good news is my swimming is improving and next Sunday I am doing a half iron man distance swim,  it will give me a bit a practise swimming in a  competitive environment, which  I have not really done yet. It will also be a good chance to practice what to eat and drink before a longer swim.

Once the swim on Sunday is done I will be feeling happier with that and then can focus on cycling.

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