Sometimes plans have to change

Posted on: 02 Aug 2019

So Sunday is the day I have been training for since forever, the longest triathlon I have ever done.   OK, not an Iron man but half way there. All was going OK and then last Thursday I twisted my ankle when out running in the woods. It was not too bad, but it was bruised and swollen. Now a week later I can walk on it , swim and cycling seems fine. I have therefore had to adjust my plan for Sunday and I am not planning to do the run, but stop after the cycle.

On a more positive note,here is what I have achieved through my training.

I can swim front crawl comfortably

I have swum 1.94K in a competition

I have completely a sprint tri

I can now cycle with cleats

I can drink water while cycling and eat a gel.

I can cycle 44 miles and then go for a run

I can do a coached swim session for an hour and then go for a run or cycle.

My resting heart rate is lower.

I have learnt how to fix a puncture.

All good really and now on Sunday I can just enjoy the day and have fun. It will be a learning experience ready for next time.


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