The Return to Waters

Posted on: 10 Aug 2019

Monday 10th June – The Return to Waters

It was now 6 weeks since I had been in the water and now back in Bulgaria since 31st May.

In the UK, no swimming was taken up even though my wetsuit and float tow had arrived. I hadn’t even tried the wetsuit on what with commitments seeing my children again after 5 years. Swimming just took a back seat in the time there.

Returning to Bulgaria it took from 10:30 in the evening leaving my son’s home and arriving at home in Yambol, 11:00 the following morning without any sleep that night. Just can’t sleep on planes, trains or for that matter airport benches. The plan was to go swimming that following Monday the 3rd knowing that the pool in the school would be open for business again. However, there was an issue that prevented that.

Back in the village farm, there was an arrangement for someone to look after the place on my absence. Returning to the farm it was shock and horror to see that my farm had turned into a jungle. Many of my planted produce had died due to lack of watering in the sweltering heat with me away. It was ow a quest of working full time to salvage the farm in the week ahead and there would not be time to get any swimming in.

So a week of hard labour on the farm and by the weekend it was pretty much shop shape with much replanting, salvaging and not least the major task of weeding which was not short of becoming a jungle in the 10 days of man-management going missing.

So, today all back to normal and in for the swim turning up at the car park ticket machine dead on 09:45. I was approached when entering by a teacher saying that there will be loads of kids in the pool shortly and I might want to come back at after 4 o’clock. I was now committed and didn’t want to delay my swim any longer. Into the changing room and through the old routine and indeed remembering warm-up exercises before entering into the pool.

Being quite nervous not being in the water for a month and a half it was the plan just to relax with breaststroke for the duration. The children came swarming into the pool after 10 minutes and I changed into the furthest lane away to avoid them. Throughout the session, my lane was not used by the children so it wasn’t a problem at all.

After about 30 minutes non-stop breaststroke and feeling surprisingly good I popped on the occasional freestyle. Not comfortable with it though but carried on with 2 lengths of breaststroke and one freestyle for the remainder of the time in the pool.

The time in the water, with swimming without a break was around 45 minutes and I could have easily gone on well beyond that time.

Well, this was a big surprise to me feeling so good after that length of time away. Not bothered about freestyle too much right now as know the event completion is achievable without it. However, will pursue with the freestyle technique as I go along. All that labouring on the farm must have benefitted my fitness levels as well.

Not sure how long the school remains open and many students are in a party mood with the term close to ending. No pool of course after that.

I also made inquiries into local lakes and fishing venues. I was warned off, now by other people who I asked about swimming in these places. Even with a wet suit and float tow, I was told I wouldn’t be welcomed in the fishing venues and other water areas are prohibited from the public.

It still remains an issue now even though the sea is an option. But the distance, cost and time at the height the growing season to do that may curtail that option.

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