Birthday Swim - Regardless

Posted on: 21 Aug 2019

Monday 22nd July – Birthday Swim - Regardless

Today was my birthday and I was determined to pursue my quest for a swim with the event fast approaching in September. My God, it’s just over 7 weeks away!

I turned up at the pool just after 14:00 and as I approached there was the sound of echoing children from the pool arena. As it was my birthday it is the tradition here for the Birthday person to hand out chocolates to friends, family and acquaintances. So armed with a box of chocolates and presented to the receptionist, she gave me good wishes on my birthday and didn’t have the heart to refuse me entry regardless of kids swarming the place. So my birthday swim was granted.

There was however another big, big, surprise on my birthday as I was told that the pool will remain open throughout the summer and I can use it as from the 1st August without the children brigades as they are now deemed on holiday break. Notwithstanding, this was such a relief for my quest in this 2-mile challenge and to be quite honest stress levels suddenly dipped. All that preoccupied my mind this summer to date was how much pain and suffering I would have to go through taking part in the event without sufficient practice.

There was no way I wasn’t going to take part in the event even without preparation and was ready to suffer for the cause. This now gives a 6-week window form the 1st August to September 20th to get some endurance swimming in on a regular basis. Open water swimming will be restricted to sea waters as there are still no avenues open elsewhere.

The Birthday swim in my head now turned into a, ‘swim for fun,‘ and ‘try to enjoy it’ session with the children doing what children do in waters.

Whilst in the changing rooms getting kitted out for the swim, the box of chocolates came out and handed around to half a dozen children who wished me a happy birthday. Not one of the children refused the treat and not one didn’t exchange the gift with a birthday greeting. In the pool, lane hopping, bumping into kids and various other avoidance tactics took place throughout the session, but this didn’t bother me as I was thinking ahead to August 1st.

1st August is where the real training will start and perhaps I might get to enjoy the event when it comes to it with the opportunity of some decent preparation. 6 weeks isn’t long and the final week will be winding it down for the event.

The use of the school swimming pool which had a very bleak outlook until today was a revelation. What a lovely birthday present!

(I found out that the school pool was originally going to be closed for repairs over the summer break. This was what I was told. It turns out that the repairs were done a couple of months ago, earlier than planned as documented in earlier chapters. Therefore no repairs needed during the summer vacation period!)

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