Life Line of Training Starts

Posted on: 21 Aug 2019

Thursday 1st August – Life Line of Training Starts

The training begins again in earnest as I turned up at the pool at 09:45, only to be turned away with swarms of children and parents. I was advised to come back after 16:00.

This time I was not going to be put off with the later time and turned up at the suggested time amidst children finishing their session and being a nuisance in the changing rooms. No matter, I was going in for a swim come what may! Showered, and did the warm-up stretching exercises before dipping in the pool sharing a lane with another adult swimmer.

Two lengths breaststroke and one length freestyle was the plan which was carried throughout the session over 50 minutes without a break other than a forced change of lanes three times due to obstructions, namely children. It was nearly always the case that I couldn’t wait for the freestyle to end and get back to the comfort zone of breaststroke. There were fleeting moments however where the freestyle felt almost comfortable, but this was never sustainable.

This first session went okay I guess, but there is work to be done, not least on the freestyle which now has to be a priority in view of the possibility of wetsuits being compulsory in the event next month.

Yet again, I have to say that I do not particularly enjoy swimming and it is the challenge in front of me that keeps me going not the actual sport.

With this, I’m not looking forward to each session or for that matter the next session knowing that I have to push myself in an area I am uncomfortable with, namely the freestyle. What keeps me motivated is the fact that there are less than six weeks to the event and I can, ‘knock it on the head,’ once that medal is around my neck.

There is an opportunity to go swimming tomorrow, but it will have to wait until next Monday, always a good day to start things up. The plan is a three-session a week for next week and then see how I feel after that.

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