A Bit Tired, But Less Worried

Posted on: 21 Aug 2019

Wednesday 7th August – A Bit Tired, But Less Worried

Two lengths breaststroke, three lengths freestyle. As you can see, increasing the duration in freestyle with ample recovery in breaststroke.

It was nice to get into a routine now being the third session in seven days. Nerves before the session kicked in knowing that three lengths of freestyle were a challenge. I knew there would be a tendency to panic on the third length knowing that the breaststroke was waiting for me. I had happened before many moons ago so therefore fully aware this would happen.

So it was a fight against the panicky third length throughout the session. Not pleasant, but the key was to relax and not a race, difficult needing a lot of concentration and going against the grain of natural tendencies.

55 minutes felt like a lifetime in this session, but the workout I feel paid dividends. I had noticed by now that the freestyle is a speedy stroke, almost twice the speed of breaststroke and on the odd occasion, was almost as easy in terms of the effort needed if the technique comes together. And it did on a very few occasions. So, with that, I am less worried about how things are progressing. If only this can be sustained I would be a happy boy. Well, that’s what I have to work on.

What I also have seemed to have got on top of is water up to the nose, it happens quite frequently, but I don’t stop. I just try and blow it out on the next stroke. That’s a massive chunk of progress in my books. There is still more than a hint of panic when this happens but I now take the time to think of how to solve the problem before anxiety kicks in. There was a time when the reaction was feet down to the pool floor and stop. It is done to rational thinking and forcing self-disciplined. I am quite proud of the fact that all this progress made has been done all on my own without any support other than some kind folk online giving encouragement and suggestions. All else is under my own steam.

More nerves now come into play knowing that the next session will begin to withdraw the breaststroke recovery periods. And yes I do lose sleep over this.

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