A Real Training Session

Posted on: 29 Aug 2019

Tuesday 20th August – A Real Training Session

Is it Tuesday already? Yep and then planning a trip to the local school swimming pool takes effect again today.

Again, I wasn’t that keen to go knowing that it would basically be an hour of doing something I had to do rather than wanting to do. The motivation I guess is fear of not preparing enough for the event now just over four weeks away.

Trying to turn up late is very difficult. I arrived at the pool at precisely 16:26 although my intention was to get there at 16:45. After a lifetime of turning up early for work, it remains a habit that fails to be broken.

The result was sharing a lane with kids for the first 15 minutes. If I had turned up at the planned time I would have had a lane to myself for one hour!

So the first 15 minutes I was resigned to breaststroke until the lane was clear. It is so easy with the breaststroke but as always I was going so slow it was frustrating, but I knew that this style of swimming could go on for hours with ease.

Into the freestyle now trying to focus on technique, relaxing and gliding as much as possible. It wasn’t that comfortable as it was in the sea two days ago. I was lying lower in the water and felt like I was needing more effort to swim without that extra buoyancy. The wetsuit will correct that issue.

No trouble with water in the goggles today although they were strapped on so tight after 20 minutes it felt like I had been punching in the face with the continuous pressure applied. Unfortunately, there is no compromise here. Tight as a duck’s or water seeps in. I’m sure the goggles aren’t suited to my face bit haven’t disposable income to just splash out on another pair. I will just have to put up with some discomfort, besides only a month to go and the pain will end. Funny but that’s how I feel about the challenge and have for a long time now.

Up and down, up and down I went in freestyle. It does take a while to get into some kind of rhythm and I have to admit there were only a rare few moments where I felt comfortable with the session. I ploughed on trying to get that feeling of the stroke being second nature

As time went on my sinuses were gradually up with water as it trickled in bit by bit. I did try a clamp on my nose on Sunday but ended up with my nose being scored by the plastic and ended up bleeding and has been quite sore since. Bad choice of Chinese made nose clamp I guess but I don’t have any other version but will hunt in the meantime.

It was a full 40 minutes non-stop freestyle before I warmed down with two lengths of breaststroke.

There was a certain degree of effort needed during that 40 minutes and it was a work out in effect, unlike breaststroke which doesn’t require aerobics. If I can get the effort down to a minimum I feel that I could go the duration in freestyle with a wetsuit on.

So, it was a workout today and I will try to extend that time of 40 minutes next outing. And try my hardest to turn up later so I can start on it from the outset and not be forced to breaststroke sharing a lane.

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