are you sure about this??

Posted on: 26 Aug 2019

I keep getting asked this question along with the comments of "are you nuts" and "rather you then me" and my personal fav "why on earth would you do that?".  

Well who knows why, I guess I was feeling so amazing from starting my boxing classes and bootcamps that I wanted to give myself a good challenge and as I was browing twitter I noticed some work ollegues had just completed the challenge and thought to myself......I am going to do that next year!

So I signed up and decided I will do it to raise money for charity, So to get me going I am going to build up the miles on my little hybrid bike to start and then when I am feeling more comfortable and confident I will invest in a road bike.  First on the agenda was to get some super sexy cycling shorts as I cycled 20KM last week without them and I am not sure I would want to do much more without a bit of padding.  

Next is planning some routes which dont involve me being constantly harassed by cars and London busses and cabs.  The cycle lanes around me are not the best.  I think I better join a cycle group and get my butt in to gear.  



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