Houston, we (nearly had) a problem!

Posted on: 01 Dec 2019

Hey Runsters!

This morning I woke up to treacherously icy pavements, a painful bad back & tight calf muscles. Today then, with my longest training run of the year planned, the post that follows should be one of failure....but it’s not.

By the time I reached a mile I’d already made two SOS calls to Mrs.Runster to arrange my collection by car with my tail between my legs.

However, I dug deep and called off the calvary deciding that I’d just walk where necessary. The decision to stay out paid off and by 3 miles I was feeling good and enjoying a great run in the winter sunshine.

The upshot was that I exceeded my 7 mile target and was closer to 8 miles by the time I called it a day! I even managed to speed up during the second half of the run to drag my woeful speed average down below 14 minutes per mile.

The potential tale of woe is a tale of joy then and by digging deep I’ve reaped the rewards and have my Smuggy McSmug face in place again.

Whether I can walk tomorrow is another matter though! I have a sports massage booked for Wednesday to see if I can't go some way to getting this creaky middle-aged body corrected. I shall report back on how it goes.

Until next time, keep on running!

The Tubby Runster xxxx
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