Happy New Year

Posted on: 03 Jan 2020

Happy New Year to everyone.So it is a New Year and I think a moment to look back over the past year. I started 2019 with two 10k road races getting pretty to close to my PB time, then I started training for a Middle Distance Tri, by doing a long 1.9K swim in a lake, the longest lake swim I had ever done. Moved on to using road cycling shoes and cycled and cycled, doing the longest distances ever. Throw in a few cross country races, a couple of shorter tris and then the big event. Then finishing off the year with a Sportive and a 10K. I am also trying to run the South Downs Way in small sections just for fun.

 The past year has been full of new things really, with the long Tri event I needed to really push myself and have more self-belief. What will this year bring? Almost defiantly another Middle Distance Tri as now I have a lovely new bike. I am also considering adding a marathon into the mix, but I am looking for a not too hilly trail one and in the spring so a little elusive at the moment. Any suggestions!  I will also get a bit more of the South Downs way done at some point.


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