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Posted on: 22 Feb 2020


Just checking in to let y’all know that I’m still plugging away in the background although I have been a bit lax of late. My freelance career (unemployment by another name) has been a bit quiet so I’ve taken a 3 week 9-5 booking in Manchester centre. The downside to this is a commute that would make the baby Jesus cry and 2 hours plus to get home after work is not unusual. This (and biblically bad weather) has meant the last thing I’ve wanted to do is slip on my running gear and runaround in the dark & rain after work.

The upshot is that I’ve just been doing my long runs at the weekend and am stuck at around 13-15 miles. Obviously this must change....and change it will. Tomorrow I will attempt 17 miles and I don’t mind telling you, I’m sh*tting my pants at the prospect.

Anyhoo, I digress. Behold my new trainers....[email protected]/49571442141/in/dateposted-public

....(you can probably hear angelic trumpets heralding their arrival)! I’d bought a new pair of (cheap) ASICS for the new year’s training but we didn’t get on and went through a messy break up which saw me cheating on them with my old Brooks.

Sadly my trusty old Brooks were dying and their sole was about to leave their body. I set out to purchase the much lauded new Nike Zoom Fly 3 today but after a discussion with the helpful running shop assistant I was talked out of them in favour of these; the ASICS Gel Nimbus. These will now (hopefully) see me up to and through the London Marathon 2020.

I went for the most garish colours, I do like to be noticed when I’m red faced and gasping for air :D

If you’d like to support me in my lunacy (and support Muscular Dystrophy UK in the process) please clicky the linky:

Love and hugs and stuff,

The Tubby Runster

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