Getting the balance right

Posted on: 02 Mar 2020

Last week was a busy week. I am enjoying trying to balance training but I do have a feeling that I do not really now what I am doing.

Last week was made up of a 5k run on Monday with the club. A 10k run in the woods on Wednesday with the dog. A swim session and short bike ride on Thursday. Another 10k run on Saturday and a 27 mile bike ride on Sunday. Friday I went horse riding and another evening swim in the lake, both of which were good fun.

So my week probably had too little running and too little cycling but not too bad overall I think. The marathon is now 9 weeks away so probably time to start to up the mileage a bit more. Last week was no long run 9 as I replaced it with a cycle) but the week before I did 16 miles and this week I will do 17 miles.

It is a beautifully sunny day here for once, sunshine really does lift everyones mood.

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