Posted on: 21 Mar 2020


Hey runsters!

We're living in unprecedented times, including the unprecedented use of the word unprecedented. No surprise then, that the London Marathon comittee has taken the unprecedented step of postponing this year's race until 4th October.

Looking at the bright side; my body was definitely telling me to ease up after injuring my calf muscle and this ahem, little virus has given me some breathing space (no distasteful pun intended). Amidst all the panic and life rearrangements required I must confess that I haven't ran for a couple of weeks so my ailing calf muscle is probably now 'good to go'.

With this in mind (and realising that solo running is probably about the only thing I am now still allowed to do) I intend to get back out there and use the extra time to get faster (perhaps), fitter and stronger ahead of October's race.

I probably now won't post until there is some surety surrounding the race and I restart my training proper.

Until such time, I thank you all for your support and kind words thus far. 

Take care of yourselves and each other and I'll see you on the other side.



(The Tubby Runster)

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