What is yin yoga?

Posted on: 20 Jul 2020

There are different types of yoga; some are physically challenging for the body, while others provide calmness to mind and body. Yin yoga focuses on stretching of deep musculature of the body involving bones, joints, ligaments, and pressure points. Muscle stretching can increase range of motion and improve flexibility so you can enjoy an independent life that is free of discomfort.


Why muscles get tight?


The most common reason for tightness in muscles is its overuse, stress, or injury. During tightness, the length of the tissue becomes less than the optimal length leading to a decreased range of motion and activity. Therefore, yoke yoga is necessary for proper stretching of the superficial and deep musculature of the body. Stretching of those short muscles which are in contraction state for a prolonged period can be painful; Yin yoga can play its role here by slowing down the heart rate. Deep breathing techniques during yoga can help the mind in sending signals to different organs. Endorphins and the release of other hormones can reduce the threshold of pain.


Leading positions of Yin Yoga:


Yin yoga consists of seven positions which target deep muscles of trunk and legs; these positions are as follows:

  • Dragon
  • Dragonfly
  • Twist
  • Torso
  • Dog
  • Shoelace
  • Saddle

This particular yin yoga poses help enhance the performance of major muscle groups like gluteus muscles, abdominals, back muscles, calf muscles, and neck and thigh muscles. You can mix all the yin yoga poses. It would help if you held every position for a minimum of two to five minutes for maximum stretching.


Why should you practice Yin yoga?


With the increasing age, our bones and muscles tend to lose their strength and elasticity. It happens because of a reduction in bone mineral density and the amount of collagen in the bone matrix. Therefore doctors suggest maximizing bone mass during early years of life. Yin yoga can place a stretch on the muscles and connective tissues to enhance their efficiency. That is why you should practice it daily.

What kind of experience do you have during yin yoga?


Human beings express their inner feelings in terms of different emotions, which can range from fear, anxiety, and depression to happiness, excitement, and love. These emotions are all stored in the body. People use different methods to keep themselves happy and tension free. Some listen to music, some play games, and some prefer to sleep. Therefore it is essential to release all emotions which are present in the human body. When you mold your body in different positions during yoga, it makes you realize all the itchy and painful points in the body. Yoga emphasizes you to release unnecessary anger and hate emotions.

If you have never tried Yin yoga poses, then you are missing some perfect adventure in your life. You need to know about the proper positions, and you can start doing it every day in a calm and ideal corner of your house. You will feel positive energy entering your body, subtracting the negative thoughts, which can cause your distress. Pick up a calm room and start practicing yin yoga.


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