Hospital Exercise - 32

Posted on: 19 Feb 2021

This is different - reporting from the outside about what is happening on the inside. It is a very good "different" though. 

Got into the hospital for 0810 for an 0830 appointment. Signed in immediately and taken to the Day Care Ward of the Oncology Dept. Bloods taken straight away and then i got hooked up to a bag of anti-rejection fluid for an hour. By that time the blood results were ready: White cells 2.3, neutrophils 2.4, haemoglobin 9.0, platelets 86. A bit of fall back from mid week but nowhere near enough to warrant transfusions of any type. Doctor doesn't believe anything unusual happening and that the fall back of platelets and haemoglobin is the new blood cells making their presence felt with what is left of my old blood. Will see what is going on next Tuesday when i come back for further checks. Got out just after 1100. Going by the platelet disappearing trick while i was in hospital it should be interesting to see if something similar happens this time.

Something else going on which is worth a mention is that the amount of hair loss has dropped dramatically. I lost pretty much everything from my head except my eye brows, and there was a good bit but certainly not all from my arms and legs, front and back. I actually had to shave last evening as a good bit of stubble had appeared - so that is about one week only where i have not had any stubble. That is quite a small period from what i was expecting hair loss from the chemo to be. I was expecting several months beore anything grew back. Nothing appearing on top yet though. 

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