I’m Back!

Posted on: 13 Mar 2021

When we last saw our intrepid, tubby hero he’d signed up for the London Marathon 2020 but then, BANG! Covid! 2 postponements of the race led to me walking the virtual race in October 2020 which er, wasn’t quite the same.

Well, since then I’ve been mainly eating & drinking.....but definitely not running! Consequently, I’m fat & unhealthy and with the 2021 London Marathon in less than 7 months that HAS to change.

So today was the day. It was cold and windy out there but no excuses, it had to be done.

2.5 miles covered in total, about 2 miles of it actually jogging. (Just under 13 minutes a mile when I wasn’t walking and wishing I was dead).

I’m pleased to say that after contracting Covid in January there seems to be no lasting respiratory impact, just unhealthiness!

Back on a diet, back running, and back on it! 

In summary, I’m back!


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