My first (and maybe last!) marathon

A forty something who has been running for three years and decided to try to run a marathon so got a charity place with Royal British Legion for the London Marathon 2016. Not sure if I'll be able to raise the £1800 so decided to do 11 events between 11/11/2015 and 11/11/2016 to give me more time to do it. Never done a blog so thought of using this as m... READ MORE

  • Apr2820168:01 p.m.

    Week 16 - Mission Accomplished Latest

    Bit of delay between finishing my blog for my “first and maybe last marathon” but what a weekend it was!

    Lazy week with just the one run on Tuesday ...

  • Apr1720167:27 p.m.

    Week 15 Taper time

    So into the last two weeks and good news is back is fine after the final long run on Sunday. I did book another hour with the Sports Therapist just in case I...

  • Apr1020165:40 p.m.

    Week 14 – back in the groove

    Went pack to Physio Monday night for another hour of pain pretending the elbow in the back still doesn’t hurt, good job he doesn’t have a mirror...

  • Apr0420166:46 p.m.

    Unlucky week 13 – injury strikes!

      Just when I was so pleased on how well everything was going I end up with an injury. I felt a bit of a twinge after last Sunday’s long run and it...

  • Mar2720169:02 p.m.

    Week 12 - Event 5 of 11 'Fast Friday' plus training

    This week I completed my fifth of eleven events by attempting a PB at an Exeter 10km event called Fast Friday. Got to admit the name appealed to me and where...

  • Mar2020163:35 p.m.

    Week 11 – Recovery week

    Week 11 – Recovery week After last week’s longest run it was time for an easier week. Still did 3 runs but only one core session and 3 days doing...

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