50 is the new 40

Starting up my blogging again, last started this as I approached my 40th birthday.  Going again as I approach 50 next year. Have a number of challenges for 2017 which I am starting preparation for.  The blog will record my trials and tribulations, the highs and lows. READ MORE

  • Jul18201610:57 a.m.

    Weekly Roundup Latest

    New 5kg vest arrived, which is much more comfortable than the last couple.  This one is full of beads rather than pockets of iron sand.  It fits nicer arou...

  • Jul14201610:26 a.m.

    Edinburgh Running

    For those that dont know me, I travel a lot with work although its mostly to the same places.  I visit Edinburgh every 2-3 weeks for a couple of days....

  • Jul1120168:28 a.m.

    Weekend Update and Training Roundup

    Another really busy week of work, children, home life, football clubs and fitting in the odd run or two.  Training last week was more consistent although...

  • Jul08201610:15 a.m.

    Running VLM in Costume

    Who would have thought this would be difficult and not just the running part. I have previously seen the guys from Cancer Research running in the shoe costume...

  • Jul0520162:29 p.m.

    First Post for a while

    Really havent posted in ages, but started Realbuzz when I was looking to run the London Marathon at the age of 40.  Ten years later and the urge has hit...

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