I like running :-)

I have been running (slowly!) since the mid-nineties. Then, in 2005, I fell off my bicycle (*with* a helmet on, fortunately). I got a traumatic brain injury, and spent weeks in a coma, months in hospital, and 18 months off work. I now run *even* slower than I used to (but hey, I now have the 'excuse' of being 'blind' and disabled, so I think I'm *allowed* to... READ MORE

  • Jan3020178:46 p.m.

    Bugger Latest

    Sorry, I haven't been posting very much, because I haven't been exercising very much, partly due to being a fat lazy slob, but mainly due to me being franticall...

  • Jan0320178:51 p.m.

    Ooh, that bike ride made me miss my university days

    I went to university at Imperial College, in London. In 1989, I joined the caving club - Imperial College Caving Club, or IC3 (so 'IC-cubed' Ooh, that is...

  • Jan0220179:24 p.m.

    When you go to the gym, don't forget...

    I said I was going to run, today. Then we arranged to pop up to the gym, this afternoon. 'That is fine - I will do my 5 minutes running on the...

  • Jan0120176:16 p.m.

    Too many people want to get some exercise, this year!

    I woke up late this morning - unsurprising, since I went to be much later than usual, although luckily, I didn’t have the hangover I deserved!  I...

  • Dec3020167:33 p.m.

    I haven't been around for ages, have I?

    Sorry! Work was utterly frantic for a few weeks before Christmas (and still is. Sigh. Lots and lots and lots of marking, even yesterday and today, when I have...

  • Nov0720162:13 p.m.

    Ooh, my bum is worn out!

    The week didn't go as well as it started, I am afraid - I think I only managed one or two sessions at the gym, and no sessions on the exercise bike. However,...

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