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Time for a 2016 update methinks!   After a few pretty awful years following a bereavement and then my chick fleeing the nest to university i think I am finally coming back to the surface!  Finally been injury free for a good couple of months now (thanks to an extremely tough and brilliant physio who has given me a set of exercises with a weighted r... READ MORE

  • Sep1620166:04 p.m.

    Dusting off the trainers (and the keyboard! !) Latest



    Hey gang!!


    Well I did promise I would blog so blog I must! As you all know it was the Great Oggie run this weekend in honour of the lovely Mrs H and the E...

  • Jan2020168:04 p.m.

    Warm on the inside!

    Evening all! Hope all the training plans are going well and everyone is put there either sloshing through puddles or sliding about on the ice rink! Its the...

  • Jan1320164:05 p.m.

    Me again - 3 times this week!

    Hi all! Well as you can probably guess I am off this week hence the larger amount of blogging / running and even uploading of photos!! (I thought it was time...

  • Jan12201612:18 p.m.

    Things that begin with T

    Hi all!   Well, after catching up with everyone over the weekend and seeing what you are all getting up to (mostly things that begin with T - threshold,...

  • Jan1020164:10 p.m.

    4 seasons in one run!

    Happy weekend all! Hands up whose fed up of being soggy!! Earlier in the week I got wet. Then Friday i had a very cheeky, very dry, very enjoyable 4 miles in...

  • Jan05201611:24 a.m.

    Soggy once again!

    Belated Happy New Year to you fab people! As always at this time of year once Christmas is over and January sets in we all start obsessing with the weather -...

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