Puppy in training for Marathon

Hi I am Roxy. A 6year old staffy. Unfortunately Jane, the 48 year old mother of 2 that i live with, is in training for a 4 hour 30 marathon, so it appears i am too. Together we have trained for the Paris Marathon in 2011, and London 2013 & 14 and Edinburgh in 2013. We have got close to our target in London, but just not close enough. The quest continues.... READ MORE

  • Mar2020178:41 p.m.

    Last long run done Latest

    Last long run done

    It feels so great to write that …. Last long run done, running number has arrived, Manchester here I come!

    The plan for Saturday morn...

  • Mar12201710:13 p.m.

    15 miles and a leap of faith makes 26.2?

    Marathon training guides now say this is officially taper time but I wonder, can you call it taper if you never fully ramped up?  Just 3 weeks left until...

  • Mar01201710:39 p.m.

    Gade Valley 17 mile - Survival mode

    I was thinking as I was running along on Sunday, of how much marathon training is about your mind set. You have to believe you can do it; really, truly believe...

  • Feb14201712:34 p.m.

    Skiing or Running?

    I think right now Jane is remembering  why spring marathons are so tough. It’s not the obvious fact that the training is done through the cold...

  • Jan29201710:07 p.m.

    Gade Valley 12 and You can’t do it alone

      As I was running along today I was thinking how much all you guys inspire me, some with epic adventurous, some with courageous runs or hard runs or...

  • Jan2420172:04 p.m.

    Sports Bra Injury!

    Ha ha I know that it’s more usual during marathon training season to bemoan pulled muscles or blackened toes but my injury this weekend was caused by a...

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