Running Back To me

I'm Sarah, a woman in her forties who, once upon a decade was a runner with OK PBs and everything. Life happened and I stopped running, until this summer when a stanger knocked on the door or our home and I stupidly let him in. A charismatic conman is a dangerous man. This one robbed me not just of my money but my dignitiy and very sense of who I am. The fol... READ MORE

  • Oct18201612:18 p.m.

    10 Miles of Fun Latest

    On Sunday I completed The Cabbage Patch 10. I had a stinking cold all week and still have a bit of a sinus infection remaining so I decided it was silly to race...

  • Oct15201611:14 p.m.

    Running from the floor to the top of the world

    I'm sorry I've been quiet this week. I have been ill with a stinking fluey cold. I knew as soon as I was cuddling my  feverishlittle one while he coughed...

  • Oct10201611:32 a.m.

    Running With Asthma and Diabetes

    The organisers of yesterday's 10K (yesterday's post) insisted I ran with a big red cross on my number. I obliged with a little one in the corner, subtle yet...

  • Oct0920163:58 p.m.

    When a personal worst is a personal best

    In 2006 and 2007,  I did a lot of running. Back then, running was the only thing that kept me sane whilst we waited for a life saving transplant for my...

  • Oct07201612:01 p.m.

    Safe as Houses Right?

    Home is where we feel secure. cosy and safe. When we close the from door we feel safe from any dangers on the outside and relaxed that we are together on the...

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