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Started running in December 2007. Mostly because work meant I was away from home a lot and running can be done any where in the world. Ran my first "public" 10KM in Knebworth in February 2008. After that I decided to enter some more events and things have not really looked back since then. They have stopped through injury but stopping isn't the same as going... READ MORE

  • Mar0720177:38 p.m.

    My annual catch up! Latest

    hello all,

    just catching up with your posts.  Great to see you all cracking on.  Great stuff.

    not much to report from myself.  I havent really do...

  • Apr1620169:58 a.m.

    Hello again, hello

    god I haven't been on here for ages. just been catching up with your posts.  So good to read what you've all been up to. im still running.  Having a...

  • Apr1420158:09 p.m.

    Back in Japan

    Hello all great to read all the marathon adventures.  Looking forward to the next instalment. I've kept my runing to a minimum to be honest. My hip still...

  • Mar05201511:25 p.m.

    Finding a new pattern

    Well it's two weeks since Tokyo.  I did my first run this week.  9km at 4:40/km.  started off for first 3km at 5 min pace.  I can still...

  • Mar01201512:51 p.m.

    What to do next?

    So I've had a week off.  It's been nice. i did cycle to work on Thursday which was a mistake.  Really hard work.   I really do need a week to...

  • Feb2320151:12 a.m.

    Tokyo marathon. Game of 2 halfs

    Hello all, Well, World Marathon Major 5 of 6 complete.  Unfortunately due to a disastrous run, the 6th and final instalment, Boston, is still a pipe...

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