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I am nothing without a purpose

I've been away from Real Buzz for 4 months now since London back in April. A self-imposed exile one might say. And it has been a difficult one. But I've learnt nothing new about myself! I will now resume my journey, and I'd like 'the old guards' to help me along this journey once more. The target remains the same. Break sub 4 at London. NOWHERE ELSE BUT... READ MORE

  • Oct16201610:24 p.m.

    Sweet and bitter Latest

    Thank you everyone who text me last Sunday morning after my Royal Parks Half.

    Most of you will know I don't travel far for the half and full and always London. ...

  • Oct08201610:32 p.m.

    On familiar grounds...again

    Sorry Buzzers I've been so rubbish at blogging on here. Sorry I've been away again. Back on 31 July which isn't that long ago but seems ages ago. Summer came...

  • Jul31201610:21 p.m.

    "Go away and think about what you've done"

    Hello Buzzers..been away for a bit. Sad to have been away but glad I've found a renewed purpose to return. This time something close to all our hearts. At...

  • May03201610:17 p.m.


    It's been 9 days since London and I've tried to post an account of how I got on. Numerous attempts at putting pen to paper, so to speak, failed me. Each time...

  • Apr2420163:47 p.m.

    A massive thank you

    Just a quick one while I wait in the queues to get out and home.   Once the dust settles I'll write a fuller post. For the moment my emotions are...

  • Apr22201611:20 p.m.

    VLM - The magic still there

    No major taper reports other than a few things to take the mind off Sunday's events; went for a 2 miles walk Wednesday evening. From home up and passed...

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