lola_says run take two

A season of reinvention.  Finding my way back to health, wellness and hope one breath at a time; one foot in front of the other by running and writing.. discovering purpose--MY PURPOSE coming  through and out of this season of death, loss and toxic grief.  Welcoming a new season... sharing the journey begins here. READ MORE

  • May1620132:37 p.m.

    What WAS I thinking?!? Latest

    After everything I have read here and elsewhere about the the letdown after... well.  Yes.  IT smacked me upside the head this past few days and now London feel...

  • May06201312:17 a.m.

    what I am building

    Two beautiful days back to back (note that Seattle we average about 71 days of sun a year so we document them all)! IT was 2 weeks ago.  The...

  • May0420134:16 a.m.

    Global Intervention

    Hello all.  A terrible horrible no good very bad day (and I did not even run)... lead to English biscuits, Swiss chocolate, New Orleans potato chips and...

  • Apr27201310 p.m.

    It is finished... sort of

    I knew that I had been absent from this space for a very long time indeed.. I had not realized it had been Feb since my last post! In that time to this, I...

  • Feb0220135:35 p.m.

    not so much about stats.. but where I am

      whatdidlolasay?: The courage to being again...again…

  • Jan2120133:07 a.m.

    a quick hello and a thought

    Just checking in saying hello.... HELLO!…  ...

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