Shuffling Through Paradise

Shuffling Through Paradise Every Spring I make my annual pilgrimage down Highway 1 to do battle with my Marathon Monsters.  This year will be my 11 12th Big Sur and as always the goal will be my still unrealized dream: Break 4 hours! This Blog will discuss the daily trials and tribulations of trying to make my aging, slightly pudgy butt move down the ro... READ MORE

  • Apr30201112:11 a.m.

    Rock On Big Sur Runners Latest

    I'm very sad I won't be joining you this year.  I'd like love to run the out and back with the extra loop that's going to be beautiful.

    So since I'm l...

  • Mar2420112:53 a.m.


    So I just checked out facebook and reaction seems mixed to the out and back.  So here's my two cents: Reasons why the out and back course is a good thing:...

  • Mar19201112:27 a.m.

    Rain Rain Go Away

    Just saw the news and site update that the road is out.  Hopefully they will get it fixed, but if not. . . I ran the out and back course the last time...

  • Feb25201111 p.m.

    Delayed Gratification

    I have been absent for along time.  Due to life changes I have run very little the last two years.  I have managed to buy and then rent a home, meet...

  • Apr25200911:05 p.m.

    Must Sleep Now!

    So I'm here and ready to go.  I've splurged on gear and carb loaded. Now its time to run a marathon.  I'm signed up for the 4:30 pace group but...

  • Apr2520098:28 a.m.

    For One Night only. . .

    So I usually blog solo, but this morning I have help. . . . Everyone I'm pleased to introduce you to my niece Carisa:   all around cool person and...

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