Been running for four years, done a handful of half marathons & other events, finally decided to take on the challenge of a FULL MARATHON, although I always said I would NEVER EVER want to do one! Almost burst with fear & excitement (mainly fear) when I think about it!! Am running for The M S SOCIETY, in memory of my Mum who was diagnosed w... READ MORE

  • Dec1020124:26 p.m.

    stiff little shoulders Latest

    Did my longest ever run today, 15.43 miles! Really enjoyed most of it untill about the last couple of miles which were quite tough on my very tired legs, was a ...

  • Nov1520122:04 p.m.

    feeling Good

    Feeling really good about the training right now! Done some good running this week; a 4 mile, a 9 mile, a 10 mile and some speed work aswell, may even be able...

  • Nov0820121:34 p.m.

    Water Mare

    Did my long run today, 10 miles, a route ive done quite a few times, didnt bother to time myself on this one, will probably start with that next week....

  • Nov06201211:51 a.m.


    Did my first 'proper' Fartlek session today, although it does suggest 60 mins on my training program, I only did 40 mins, I was knackered!  Not very...

  • Nov0520121:09 p.m.


    oooh just discovered a delicious new lunch...a wholegrain bagel filled with some smoked mackerel & sliced gerkins A-MAZING!!! Real food- love it!...

  • Nov0520127:57 a.m.

    weigh hey

    My bathroom scales broke last week & I have hated not being able to weigh myself! Couldnt get them working so yesterday I ordered a set of Tanita body...

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