Running Back

After getting sick and being unable to run this summer, I'm getting back to my previous fitness level and trying to do some good along the way by runing the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  I'm keeping this blog so my friends and family, near and far, can follow my progress!  You can also follow me on Twitter @El... READ MORE

  • Jan24201210:45 p.m.

    Outside and out of shape... Latest

    Oh my, it has been a while since I posted.  I blame the holidays.  Yes I know it's the end of January but let's let that slide.  Now I’m back and counting down ...

  • Dec0920113:50 p.m.

    Starting the holidays off right

    My blog posts have been shamefully sporadic lately and, full disclosure, so has my training.  I can feel the holiday excuses piling up while the miles...

  • Nov2620111 p.m.

    Chef in training

    Thanksgiving dinner is well over and I’m still in my post-turkey coma.  I don’t hold back at the holidays so Thursday was filled with turkey,...

  • Nov1220116:59 p.m.

    Stretch it out

    Every time I catch sight of the red stretching mats at the gym my mind flashes back to a horrible memory of my 7th grade fitness test.  I wasn’t the...

  • Nov07201110:41 a.m.

    Morning Sunshine!

    If I’ve learned anything about myself as a runner over the past few years it’s that I ALWAYS have my best runs in the morning.  If I’ve...

  • Oct2220118:08 p.m.

    My iPod needs your help!

    Before you read this post you should know, I’m bad at music.  That doesn’t mean I’m tone deaf (although I think I might be) and it...

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