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Hi! About 6 years ago (is it really that long?) I was really into my running.  I completed a 10k but made the fatal mistake of not setting another goal..then I just stopped. Well I'm back now, got off the sofa finally in October, joined Slimming World also, dropped a stone and a half, completed a Santa 5K fun run, raised some cash for a local hospital a... READ MORE

  • Apr0320163:33 p.m.

    HBA 5-10-20 Event Llanelli Latest

    Here it is then, the report..prepare yuorselves.


    First six good,

    Last four agony.

    Head down, run until the end.

    Time: 1hour 31 and some seconds.


    I am claimi...

  • Mar27201612:49 p.m.

    Today - hail

    So, 11 miles. Slow second half in gails and hail. Nice. Not. And, when I got home wet and cold there was no hot water. Anyway. Family, take note, momma weren't...

  • Mar22201610:23 p.m.


    So. I'll keep it short. 4.2 miles. Fast. Happy. Job done. Pre run No "meal" but a very scientific sport supplement of a cup of tea and 5 biscuits. Dont mock...

  • Mar2020162:41 p.m.

    what is the problem?

    Oh buzzies. I am well cheesed off and frustrated. For some reason for the last 3 weeks I've been totally struggling. Cant progress much past 7 miles without...

  • Mar1320168:25 p.m.


    11ish miles done today. First half fast for me, then I slowed down and my body just ceased. Drank a disgusting energy gel...bleurrgh...never again. Walk about...

  • Mar1120168:18 p.m.

    Questions, questions always always questions.

    Hi!  Here I am again asking questoins.  But you lot are so experienced that I know you'll have the answers.   Ok.   Double running....

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