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About the Event

What is Swim Serpentine?

Organised by London Marathon Events, Swim Serpentine is a one-day open water swimming festival staged in the heart of London. The festival is held in and around the beautiful Serpentine in Hyde Park, the venue for the open water swimming and triathlon swims at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Race information

A record breaking 6,000 swimmers entered into the 2018 event, with every participant well catered for with a full water safety crew, pontoon start and finish, as well as hot tubs and heated changing rooms - lovely!

Swimmers have the choice of a half mile, one mile or two mile open water course in the mass participation event. For those swimmers that don’t see two miles as challenging enough, there will be a ‘Super Six’ distance of six miles available at the 2019 event.

If the water is above 15°C then wetsuits become optional, however if you decide to swim without a wetsuit then you must use a tow-float.

Not only about the swim, the Swim Serpentine Festival features talks and short films that celebrate the inspiring characters and incredible adventures from the world of open water swimming.

How to enter Swim Serpentine

Entry for Swim Serpentine takes place through the online registration system, where you decide which distance you would like to swim and also when you start so that you can swim with friends or family. Swimmers with a disability are more than welcome to enter any of the events, with extra support and help available to be organised for race day if needed.

Swim Serpentine is part of the London Marathon Events’ London Classics. Comprising of running 26.2 miles in the Virgin Money London Marathon, cycling 100 miles in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 and swimming 2 miles in Swim Serpentine, the London Classics is one of the world’s great sporting challenges.

Swim for charity

If you have already secured a place for Swim Serpentine and are thinking about raising money for a particular cause then there are plenty of charities who would love to hear from you. After deciding on a charity they will provide information and support in exchange for the important funds that you raise.

If you haven’t yet secured a place at the event, there are a variety of charities that have places for fundraisers. Check out this list of charities with places in Swim Serpentine and get in touch for more details and information about how you can get involved.

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