Running with headphones @ Silverstone? Problem?

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I will be running my first half marathon at Silverstone and heard a nasty rumour from someone that I might not be able to run with my headphones in? Hopefully they were winding me up but does anyone know if there's any truth in this and if so why? Might have to bail out if i can't wear my headphones, they're the only thing that will drag me through this run.



Posted 22.01.13, 1:27am

Hi I'm running this too on march 3rd is it? I've not heard anything about headphones but what I tone this morning on a 8mile run was put my phone in my running belt with music playing out loud got my along no problems. 

Posted 22.01.13, 7:37am

Headphones are banned at most UK races. I believe it's mostly for health & safety/insurance purposes, but also because of the antisocial aspects. When you're in a large group of runners you can't hear what's going on around you and will eventually have a mishap.If you're doing VLM you won't need them anyway because the atmosphere is amazing, but for the more provincial/local races it can get a bit boring out in the middle an industrial estate or Milton Keynes say...!! as long as you are runnind safely (maybe with just 1 plug in) most marshalls will ignore it, but it's frowned upon from spectators point of view also as they have come out to cheer you on and if you are wearing headphones you can't hear them.

Posted 23.01.13, 9:29am

Flanker2 thanks for the info, most appreciated. Maybe i'll stick one in and see if they let me. I hear what you're saying about the atmosphere/crowd but 2 1/2 hours without some podcasts to distract me from the tedium of running will be essential!


Posted 23.01.13, 1:17pm

I had never really thought of it like that before. Poor spectators!

Posted 24.01.13, 4:53pm

I personally wouldn't take offence if I was cheering on headphone-wearing runners. And when I've taken part in races before, just seeing the crowds is supportive enough, you don't necessarily need to hear them too! I'd prefer to listen to One Direction on my iPod Tongue Out Haha.

Posted 25.01.13, 4:35pm

Thanks Rachel!


Posted 25.01.13, 7:15pm

I usually put in one, even when I'm out on the roads. I know it is pretty dangerous, but I am still aware of what is going on around me...It is so boring running without music, I also use the beat to pace myself

Posted 28.01.13, 7:13pm

I think as long as you're careful, like you are being by only wearing one plug and not having it too loud, then listening to music during a run is a great idea as it keeps you going for longer Smile

Posted 29.01.13, 11:51am

I will also be running for the first, my question was about head phones, I use music to keep pace  and help me keep a track on time with an app, I don't mind one ear phone, but I would like to hear an official word on the subject  Then when the gps watches come down in price I might get one, paying over £90 pounds is a lot for somethink i might only wear once or twice a week. 

Posted 12.02.14, 3:39pm

There is no blanket rule on earphones. Some organisers allow them, some don't.

So it's really simple: If they're not banned, you can use them (but be careful), and if they're banned, you can't. It will be clear in the individual race rules, so please don't complain if you break the rules and you're disqualified.

If you can't run without your music, you're free to choose between the numerous races that allow earphones.

Posted 14.02.14, 2:05pm

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