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Could someone tell me the best way to hygienically clean my hydration pack?  Used it for several years, still tastes fine, but I wonder what greeblies I may be drinking...not a proper camel back, but has a transparent bite valve.  The top (where you fill with water) is a mix of velcro fastenings, and it gets rolled shut. Thanks.

Posted 30.03.09, 1:14am

The only thing I can suggest is what not to do - I used a really mild solution of water and detol and then did a wash through. Couldn't get rid of the taste so I ditched it. Get a new one for Christmas...

Posted 19.10.12, 10:58am

You could use a baby bottle brush and boiling water to clean it. Don't use soap because you'll struggle to get rid of the suds and taste soap for weeks after!

Posted 22.10.12, 4:58pm

Sterilising tablets from the local chemist for the bladder and a brush for the pipe, you can get brushes almost everywhere that sells the bladders. Tablets leave a bit of a taste so wrinse it through a couple of times before you use it again.

Posted 22.10.12, 10:16pm

I suppose what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Some germs are good for us I guess! But I know what you mean -you can't help but wonder what little creatures you might be ingesting.

Posted 23.10.12, 10:54am

Watre bottles start tasting funny too when not washed so your water might start tasting better too

Posted 24.10.12, 4:28pm

it takes me ages to clean my camelbak, that little tricky pipe is the hard one to clean!

Posted 26.10.12, 9:03am

I have exactly the same problem haha.  It's really annoying isn't it.  I got a pipe cleaner thing and also some tablets which help get rid of bacteria.  The water tube always used to come off my bag strap and go in the mud when I sat down on the ground.  That was really annoying and unclean haha

Posted 31.10.12, 10:55am

Are they water purification tablets? Or something different? Shows how much I know haha.

Posted 01.11.12, 1:23pm

I'm not sure either

Posted 04.11.12, 9:15pm

yes they're like water purification tablets :) you can get the in blacks outdoor store and also millets

Posted 05.11.12, 5:30pm

But they're not the sort of tablets you would put in water to clean it, and then drink it?

Posted 06.11.12, 3:05pm

I'm not sure, never used one

Posted 07.11.12, 5:34pm

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