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Hi I was wondering if anyone has been able to get the new lucozade gels? Training advice suggests you should train

with what will be available on the day (for me this is London marathon) but I can't find them any where?? 

Posted 04.02.13, 11:30pm

I think they're supposed to be good. Good idea trying them out now though as gels can affect your stomach, but everyone's different

Posted 05.02.13, 4:11pm

They are good but I can't find them anywhere to buy them now? Has anyone managed to buy them if so where? 

Posted 08.02.13, 5:52pm

I haven't seen any yet, but maybe it's worth trying some others out and bringing them with you in a small pouch on the day.

Posted 09.02.13, 12:44pm

I have tried a few different brands but prefered the lucozade ones.

I emailed Lucozade and they have finally replied along with a link to their shop, which I'm guess have just gone on sale as they haven't been on there for a while.

So for anyone else looking for them you can now buy them here.


Posted 14.02.13, 10:50am

Oh that's good that you managed to find them. Which other brands had you tried?

Posted 15.02.13, 3:02pm

I have tried SIS and shot blocks.  The SIS gels were like having a mouthful of snot Embarassed . What do you use? happy for any advice. It's all trial and error with me still at the moment being a 1st timer at everything!

Posted 15.02.13, 3:31pm

Ew think I'll avoid SIS then! Do they really taste that bad?

Posted 18.02.13, 2:41pm

They don't taste to bad it's just the texture I didn't like, but that's just me. They are worth a try as may work well for you. The two guys I train with sometimes prefer then to lucozade so it's all about personal preference 

Posted 18.02.13, 8:31pm

I've never tried any energy gels as I've never embarked on a run far enough to need them. That aside, I've heard they can upset your stomach, and as someone with IBS I don't fancy trying them! Embarassed

Posted 19.02.13, 11:32am

I tried some I got from Amazon.  'High' I think they are called.  Not sure if this is what they make you or just a name.  But seriously I felt they were ok, although they do taste a bit funny jam.  I have seen gels (not Lucozade) in Waitrose so I am presuming they are availalbe elsewhere but Amazon cheaper.

Posted 19.02.13, 12:17pm

ive managed to train upto 16 miles without any gels, but tuesdays 16 miler was awful and have decided to take on some gels now.. so ive just bought powerbar gels to try this weekend. i wanted lucazade ones thought but sports shop didn have them. ill do an online order tonight and will then have the lucazade ones for nexts weekends long on!


hows ur training going so far? im not up the milage per week i should be but im getting the long slow ones in and thats all that matters right. im aiming just to get around!! hoping for 5-6 hours really...

Posted 21.03.13, 1:56pm

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