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Training for the London Marathon and got a new pair of trainers - out for a long run tomorrow. (weather permitting)

Only got trainers on Thursday - I wore them the other day for 35 mins on Friday and my calf muscles were quite tight.   Should I wear my old ones or try these?

Or stick with a long-ish run on the treadmill instead?




Posted 04.02.12, 11:01pm

You need to break in your new trainers over a coupld of rshorter runs until you dont feel that calf tightness any more.



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Posted 05.02.12, 12:39am

Stretch your calves after your run too, whichever trainers you wear.

Posted 05.02.12, 11:45pm

This is something I always forget to do, but it makes all the difference.

Posted 06.02.12, 3:49pm

Thanks all.  Especially re stretches after running.  I'm very naughty about stretches in general really. Keep meaning to get better. Must start this week.


Posted 06.02.12, 6:06pm

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