New Runner, desperate need of sneaker/trainer advice!!

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Hello everyone! Ok some please help... I am completely new runner, the odd jog here & there but nothing serious. I've given myself a challenge to run the London Marathon & I know it's important to get your sneakers right... So any recommendations? I hear Asics are good, but my normal training sneakers are Nike's which I find very comfortable.


Posted 24.11.12, 7:09pm

I would recommend finding a running shop and going to try on lots of pairs, different styles/makes different for each person...they should get you on a treadmill in the shop, perform a gait analysis. It's very interesting...when they show you back video footage of you running. I over pronate on my RHS some trainers felt great but when actually running did nothing, and others corrected's about getting balance between comfort and technically what suits your running style. Definitley worth the money. My gait analysis was free when buying shoes, £100 total. Hope this helps. Well done on your place for the first time also, how's the training going? Axx

Posted 24.11.12, 8:23pm

Thanks for recommending the gait anaylysis :) I did it yesterday at Nike Town - Oxford Street, looks as though I'm a neautral runner & they helped me find the perfect pair for me. My training is going so so, today I've started a set regime until race day. Hope yours is going well :)


Posted 26.11.12, 4:26pm

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