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First time marathon training for next April. Aged 43 and coming to the end of playing footy !! Currently on week 5 of the websites training plan.

Jogging for up to 50 - 55mins covering circa 5.5miles.

Seem to hit my personal wall here.  I have not made any nutruitional change to my diet or introduced any supplements.....Can people make recommendations ?  The jump to another 21miles seems enormous.


Any guidance welcome as currently training and learning alone..... CHEERS

Posted 18.11.12, 3:20pm

Hi there......something about your post just caught my eye.  Laughing

Quite a while since you posted it so you are probably zooming off ahead now and well stuck into your training plan and might well have overcome your personal 'wall' by now.

At the time you posted, doing 50 - 55 mins for a 5.5 mile run was pretty good and am sure you have progressed since then. 

Before I post any more or go into waffle mode, do you fancy giving us an update on how you are doing ?? Laughing

Posted 10.12.12, 3:22pm

I'd like to know how you're getting on too?!

Posted 11.12.12, 5:19pm



Up to approx 9 miles at best now.

Doing circa 35miles per week.

Seem to suffer around the 1hour mark and would welcome any advice on energy gels / tablets etc etc

Cheers Keep Warm !

Posted 12.12.12, 8:24am

Hey woodman you're doing really well. I always think it's a battle of wills when you get to these distances. I like to take something with me like fresh dates or jelly babies and take a couple on board just before I get to those milestones (which for me are at 4 miles 7.5 miles and usually around 14-16 miles)....jels are OK but I don't rely on them and prefer real foodstuff. Rob likes my idea too as it's the only time he gets a date..!!!

Posted 12.12.12, 3:50pm

You sound like you're doing really well. Falnker2 has given some good advice here that should help you out.

Posted 13.12.12, 5:04pm

True story Money Mouth

Posted 14.12.12, 9:40am

Sounds like you're doing well. Good luck with the training!

Posted 17.12.12, 11:43am

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