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I tend to get a little bored running, any advice for keeping running interesting and enjoyable?

Posted 01.10.12, 3:07pm

Take someone who makes you laugh, although I couldn't get my breath for laughing last time I took my friend, we had a giggle and I want to go again! when it's not raining though

Posted 02.10.12, 8:46am

Do you try varying your routes? Listening to music is the most important thing for me to make it interesting. I recently downloaded a couple of songs off all my old favourite albums so there are some really random things on there I haven't heard in ages, so it is quite interesting to listen to when I'm running (as I don't know what's coming next) and makes running more fun.


Posted 03.10.12, 8:19am

Yep, mix it up in any and every way possible - different times of day, different routes, different paces, different focuses, different surfaces, different clothes, different foods, different people, different days, etc etc. And race - race different races, you train a lot differently for a 5k to the way you train for a marathon, so take advantage of that. If all else fails, you could always try racing cyclists up hills and stuff like that too Smile.

Posted 03.10.12, 9:44pm

I agree with the above, I mix my routes, listen to music, go at different times of day and sometimes I just run for fun, or do intervals, or set myself a time etc.  I also vary between outdoors and the treadmill.

Posted 25.10.12, 4:45pm

Have you got a favourite way of running? I.e. treadmill or outside? Music or no music?

Posted 26.10.12, 1:31pm

Take you ipod with some decent music on it for motivation always helps :-)

Posted 06.11.12, 12:01pm

Yep that's a good one. I might get a podcast to help

Posted 07.11.12, 5:33pm

Especially as the radio shows I like, never coincide with the times I run. So podcasts are ideal.

Posted 08.11.12, 9:03am

If it's a long and slow one perhaps you could get an audio book to listen to?!

Posted 11.11.12, 5:44pm

I think audio books are a really good idea - they would definitely help to hold off the boredom for a while.

Posted 12.11.12, 12:28pm

A really good playlist and I often think back to past holidays - trying to remember what I did on each day, where I ate - the beers I drank!

Posted 14.11.12, 2:52pm

That's a nice thing to think about while you're running! I always plan things and try to work stuff out while I'm running - even silly stuff like what I'm going to eat that week or what I'd like for Christmas.

Posted 15.11.12, 10:27am

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