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Well, without some kind of very quick Caltrans miracle, it looks like we will have an out-and-back race like 1998. That was many years before I started running BSIM, but I have heard that the course actually ran slower that year even though you cut out the Hurricane Point climb and you will likely be "with the wind" for half the race rather than against it the whole time. The main reasons give by the people who ran in '98 were that:

1) An out-and-back course obviously has a net elevation loss of "0" rather than the net loss of a few hundred feet (like the full BSIM course).

2) You get to run Carmel Highlands twice!

Any old-timers agree or dissent?


Posted 18.03.11, 5:02pm

This will be my FIRST marathon.  I am disappointed that this happened.  I realize it is out of our control, an although not having to tackle a massive hill is a positive, I wanted to experience the whole thing. 

Curious about your statement of running Carmel Heights twice, is it gorgeous? 

Another thing.  If it is an out and back, does it start at the finish for the point to point?

Posted 18.03.11, 5:35pm

The out and back option is official now, but it sounds like we don't yet have and official route since the slide is on the north side of the half-way point (Bixby Bridge). The starting point will likely be the normal finish line or nearby. You will head south on Hwy 1 and turn around before you get to the section with the slide. They will need to add about a mile to the course, probably by going into Pt. Lobos or Ribera Road on the return leg.

Yes, the Highlands are gorgeous, the whole route is, and you will have different views going out and coming back, so it will definitely be terrific race. Just not the same race. I mentioned the Highlands because they are a number of short but relatively steep climbs, which you have to do twice now.



Posted 18.03.11, 6:37pm

Thanks for starting this thread...I am so disappointed, but it is good to hear you say it will be beautiful....but no bixby bridge and no piano......very very sad...I have been visualizing that point on my long runs for some time now....I think it will just mean that I have to come back next year too!

These are comments from a blogger who has ran the out and back course:

Just saw the news and site update that the road is out.  Hopefully they will get it fixed, but if not. . . I ran the out and back course the last time this happened.  It was just as nice, though actually harder.  No hurricane point but all that rolling stuff x 2.  If I were running this news would not make me adjust my training plain one iota.  Its the same thing, prepare for hills and beauty. 

But at least somewhere there will be a tailwind!


Posted 19.03.11, 12:29am

Thanks - that is in line with other comments I have head about '98.

And I bet we have a Piano. And I bet they put it on Rocky Creek bridge - a sister of Bixby that we should run over...


Posted 19.03.11, 12:56am

I ran the out and back course and it was just as tough and just as beautiful-  vista's look totally different from different directions.  So you aren't losing views.

That Pt. Lobos loop is going to be amazing.  That might be the only thing 'missing'  from the regular course as that park is spectacular. 

My out and back year was my second Big Sur and I ran faster, but I was in better shape.  I think it will feel about the same.


Posted 22.03.11, 12:29am

Had a chance to support the Board run last weekend and be out on the course Pics are located at - https://picasaweb.google.com/danceswithmules/BigSurBoardRun2011?authkey=Gv1sRgCMbe9PaGqYHQOQ#

I think this is a unique opportunity and really looking forward to running this one.  for us of those that have run it before, the hardest part was the turn into Pt Lobos for the board members.  Hitting Pt Lobos for em was a signal we were almost there, this adds almost two estra miles.  rumors have it there will a pad in Pt lobos to make sure you ran it.Smile

Posted 14.04.11, 7:51am

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