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Well, starting my own auto detailing business has been absolutely great, but I am getting totally slammed and have little time to train.  So far my longest run was a pretty tough  8 miler in Death Valley last Sunday(Ashford Gold Mine, starting at the Ruins across the road).  This business has taken off on me, to the point I now have to hire people to keep up.  It's a good thing, but man I need to get in some miles.

Bottom line - I am going for a 5:45 finish, as I simply will not have the training under my belt to do any better.

So if anyone is interested, I will be up by the sweats truck, wearing my usual very bright yellow shirt, unless it is 42 below, but you can alway bank on my red Corvette hat.  Had several folks come along last year for the ride.  Unfortunately it ended up with just one other towards the end and I stayed with her to get her in, and I believe we did a 5:50.  

Posted 27.03.10, 5:26am

I might join you if that is okay.  This will be my 5th BSIM.  I ran 4:37 last year but work and other commitments have devastated my training schedule this year and I just don't have the miles.  I love this race and don't want to miss it.

Posted 30.03.10, 4:32pm

You bet, looking forward to it.

Posted 03.04.10, 5:31am

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