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At the Bixby Bridge, we are halfway, Two years ago California Condors were circling in the area of the bridge. What an incredible site to see. As turn the corner enjoy Michael Martinez playing the piano. Absolutely worth slowing down to enjoy.
Mile 14 is where we start to gain back more of our lost time, being a nice downhill mile, keep your same pace or pick up a few seconds a mile to regain what we lost going up Hurricane. This is a very easy pick up, not a sprint. At the end of this we should have gained back at least two minutes of our lost 5 minutes of time.
At the Mile 15 mark, life changes a bit and you continue to drop, so hold your previous downhill pace and we can pick up more time, as you hit the corner and begin a long moderate ascent, ease your pace to your predicted time through the climb. If you don’t have a feel for that, then ease up just a touch on the pace to make the climb comfortable, but still work at it just a bit. At this point we should have gained back roughly 2 ½ of our lost 5 minutes.
As you get to the top of the hill, ease up a bit and enjoy the jazz band at Rocky Pointe.
At roughly 15 ¾’s we begin another descent all the way through mile 18. Here is another opportunity to pick up some lost time. I will pick up my pace about 15-20 seconds faster than my designated race pace. These are scenic very easy miles, so picking up the pace is easy to do. By now we should only be about 90 seconds off our pace.
At roughly 17 ¼ we begin a short but steady ascent. Based on how you are feeling don’t push it, but try to maintain your designated race pace.
Just past the 17 ½ mile spot, we begin another easy descent, this is the time to pick up more lost time. I can usually pick up 30-45 seconds, putting me less than a minute off my total pace.
Around Mile 18 ¼ we begin a very gentle ascent. I will hold to my designated pace, if I feel the hill is not that challenging will pick up a few seconds. However there is a pretty sharp climb coming up so take it easy.
From Mile 19 to Mile 20 is a net elevation loss, so I pick up my lost time and am now on my race pace or a few seconds ahead.

Posted 02.04.08, 9:33am

Thank you again! I've been waiting for the next installment and enjoyed reading it.

One tip about hill training I learned a few years ago (this is for those who run a 4+ hr. marathon): Find a hill of a quarter hill or more somewhere near you. Have someone with you and have them walk the hill as you jog up it. At the top, see what the difference is. Now with a really fast runner the difference would be a lot, but you'd be surprised to see how little a difference there is between a slow jog and a fast walk up a long hill.

I've seen people power walking up Hurricane at apprx. an 11:30 min. pace and passing many people jogging and expending a lot of energy. So if you need to walk, then walk. You won't lose that much time at all.

Can't wait for the final installment. 8)

Posted 02.04.08, 6:05pm

I want to thank you for the mile by mile descriptions. this is my first marathon and it helps so much to be able to visualize and prepare. I am very excited!

Posted 02.04.08, 11:45pm


Welcome back and thanks for your sage advice! I hope this means your work schedule has returned to normal and you are able to focus on April 27th... :D

Posted 03.04.08, 4:10am

Thanks everyone, glad these are helping out. It is enjoyable for me also. Brings back fond memories of good times and at moments, that sheer torture and questioning what I got myself into:shock:

I will probably split the last installments, just to have some fun with the last few miles.

As far as my situation, I am in BIG trouble, so I am locked into a 5:20 for sure.
I will be easy to spot... overweight runner in red hat with a Corvette logo and running at the back of the pack :lol:
I won't be so absent from now on:oops:

I am amazed at the lurkers, Check out the hits versus response... amazing

Posted 03.04.08, 7:44am

I want to thank you for the mile by mile descriptions. this is my first marathon and it helps so much to be able to visualize and prepare. I am very excited!

What time are you shooting for?

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Posted 03.04.08, 7:45am

What time are you shooting for?

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I am shooting for 5:40 and really will consider success anything under 6. No hills here in New Orleans so I am really taking your hill advice seriously. Thanks again.

Posted 03.04.08, 1:17pm

Kelley, make sure you do as much *downhill* training as you possibly can. The downhills are what hurt your quads and can tweak a groin muscle as well. I fear the downhills at Big Sur more than the uphills.

Posted 03.04.08, 7:15pm

Thank you for that suggestion. Do you have any suggestions for how to get downhill training? I have done treadmill uphill but not down. Kelley

Posted 03.04.08, 9:57pm

A while back, Towson suggested running the ramps of a local parking garage for a hill workout.

However, I would not recommend doing this during rush hours... or late at night, for that matter!

Posted 04.04.08, 2:38am

Grz -

My family and I are very likely to be running right along with you in that 5:20 range. We're planning to meet at the flag pole in front of the ranger station, then line up near the back when the race starts. Come by and say hi - we'll be in matching bright yellow singlets with something clever written on them (photo to follow when we get them back from the printer). :D

Posted 04.04.08, 2:41am

Clarification Mum... I suggested the garage during for those without hills and during really lousy weather (e.g. snow). But I also suggested -- and do believe -- walking down a long flight of steps is quite a workout. I

see kjlhellis is in N'Orleans and hopefully you work in an office building or otherwise live in a high-rise. Going down steps is much more tiresome than you think. I used to dread the fire-drills when I worked on the 30th floor... though now I might be tempted to pull the alarm just for an afternoon workout .

As with the garage, the biggest caution is not to go alone.

Do well. Charge up with jambalaya and turtle soup at Brennan's.

Posted 04.04.08, 2:56am


No prob with the carbs in New Orleans, just the hills. Thanks for the stairs suggestion. I am sure I can find some to run down.

Posted 04.04.08, 5:30am


Anxiously awaiting the last few mile installments. Had a really hard run yesterday that included some gentle hills. Can't wait to hear about the "highlands."

Posted 06.04.08, 2:37pm

I am amazed at the lurkers, Check out the hits versus response... amazing

GRZ --

OK, I've been caught!

Am coming out of lurkdom to chime in my thanks for your comments, advice and the spirit you bring to this forum. You are so motivating! I've completed (6) 21-miler events at Big Sur and am looking forward to completing my first full marathon this year. Am definitely nervous but reading everyone's posts is a big help. Probably won't be much quicker than a 5:30/5:45 finish but I will be so psyched to see, and cross, the finish line.

I will look for you in the pre-race darkness to say hey, and thanks, in person.

Posted 07.04.08, 6:47am

So, how can you tell the difference between lurking and just reading but not having anything useful to add? Your comments are complete.

Okay, well, Thank You is always appropriate, so Thank You!

Oh, and good luck, Kelly.

Posted 08.04.08, 9:17pm

Replies versus Views on the front page

Posted 10.04.08, 1:35am

I've been caught, as well. I don't post that much...I just don't feel confident that I have any big revelations to add. :oops:

That being said, huge thanks for the blow by blow advice. I, and I'm sure others, really appreciate the added confidence that your posts bring.

I'm hoping for an under 5 hour marathon. (4:59:59) Here's to our last 2+ weeks 8)

Posted 10.04.08, 5:08am

Lets bring the series back to the top one more time

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