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Hi all,

Do you have a recommendation for the type of camera to use for taking photos while running Big Sur? It needs to be small and have a pouch that I can strap to a belt. I'm also concerned about sweat/moisture getting on the camera. Thanks.

Posted 20.04.10, 4:41pm

I am the shuffling through paradise blog on this site.  They are very low res here but those photo's were mostly taken with a Fuji Coolpix digital.  They are good enough quality to blow up to 8 1/2 by 11 and frame when they haven't been compressed during uploadin.  I also got decent pix with disposable camera's.  The rite aid right by the finish line used to sell a disposable digital so you had a preview.

My Fuji, fit nicely in a sandwich bag, that fit into the pockets on Race Ready shorts (my favorite brand) The disposables were more of a hassle.  They'll fit in a baggy but they are bulky.  On year I safety pinned the bag to my shirt at my waistband-- worked ok.  

Just make sure you don't get sweat on the lens.


Enjoy the race.  its really beautiful.


Posted 21.04.10, 2:16am

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